5 Common Mistakes on a Dirt Bike Rental Dubai

Dirt bike rental dubai Crash and Fall, that´s what happens. Or at least just fall. Sometimes we fail on our off-road missions, that´s normal. This is the life of every beginner in dirt bike rental dubai. Don’t think you are going to hop on the dirtbike and rip through the dunes. You won’t! Expect yourself to fall over or crash.

Riding dirt bikes in dubai is hard and takes a few dirt bike riding sessions to figure out. We at mxDubai will do our best to teach and prepare you for your first dirtbike rental dubai to prevent certain injuries to happen. Dirt biking in Dubai is a learning process where we will guide you through. You must understand that falling off the dirtbike or even losing complete control is part of the game. It happens to beginners and it does to the pros. Be patient and learn from us.

Throttle and Clutch Control


Figuring out the throttle is a big mission for beginners. It´s not easy to manage how far to roll it and when to let up. Timing is the key. Same is with working the clutch. Let it slide to much and the clutch will break sooner or later. But, using clutch and throttle together is like learning to ride on two wheels.

Practice is the key in every dirt bike rental in dubai and mxDubai will support zou in the learning process. The common mistake is opening the throttle and letting the clutch “fly” the first time on the bike. This will bring the full engine power to the rear wheel and you will either speed into a dune or crash in a wheelie desaster.

Balancing your dirtbike dubai

You know how to ride a motorcycle? Good, you’re a step ahead already. Propably you heard the saying “it’s like riding a motorcycle” when referring to dirtbiking in the soft desert sand. To learn how to ride a dirt bike rental dubai you have to consider the sheer weight involved as well as the speed. You will not feel comfortable right away, that´s also normal. Beginners will always sit rather than stand up because it’s easier and they know it from riding a bycicle or a motorbike on the road. But seriously, standing up in the dunes is the better route to take if you want to get the right balance.

Body Positioning on the dirt bike dubai

Balance is most important but where to position your body when entering a corner, heading to jumps and hitting bumps is crucial to prevent losing your control of the dubai dirt bike rental and reduce injuries. The wrong position on your dirt bike is a recipe for surviving in the dirt. When rider and bike are nearly parallel with the ground on sharp turns it is the perfect position, without the rider leaning in any direction. That takes some practice for sure. But take it easy until you get the right feeling of your dirtbike dubai and the best body position for tackling the various dunes out there safely.

Vision and Focus

rent a dirt bike in dubai

When riding a dirtbike in Dubai looking down in front of you is completely natural, BUT too bad it’s completely wrong! Object fixation is the phenomenom that keeps your eyes away from the important things. It usually happens during a ride when you see an object like a root and then you fixate on the object to try not to hit it.

But what often happens is you ride straight right into it and crash. The key is to look ahead all the time so you know what’s coming behind that object. Your dubai dirt bike will follow your head. If you look to an object you will likely turn towards it. Looking down also prevents you from correctly adjusting your throttle. Compare it to the the way golfers tend to forget to keep their heads down when teeing off, they aren´t focussed on the ball, but more focussed on where the ball shall go. Dirt bike riders in Dubai, keep your heads up when riding!

Rent a dirt bike in dubai Mental strenght

Physical strenght for sure is important in dirt bike riding dubai, but there is mental game in play also when you are bashing through technical dunes with unexpected bumps, drops and soft sand areas. It definitely is 50/50 brawn vs. brain. While keeping your focus on the terrain in front of you it helps to be a quick thinker when facing unknown areas during trail rides and for remembering the layout of a Dune.

Every Dune is built on the same concept, you just need to learn the basics. Endurobikes.ae will teach you how to read the dunes by checking the wind and the direction of the “sand waves”. Lazy riders with lost focus make mistakes. Riding day preparation and understanding your route can beat the fastest rider who thinks speed is all that’s needed.

When starting out on a dirt bike, there is a fear factor involved. The thrill of riding a 110kg dirtbike in dubai that can reach speeds 120km/h is intense, but but the risks are high. Learning from your own mistakes might sound right, but that means you have to go through the struggle and pain yourself. Better learn from those who have been there and done that. mxDubai will take care of your learning process.