Benefits of selecting a guided dune buggy tour

Setting off for a solo adventure on a buggy sounds a lot of fun, isn’t it? Well, if you are accompanied by your loved ones, this can be an adventurous tour. You can set up your tents in the desert and enjoy it all. You can experience some of the most amazing tours of your life with buggy rental Dubai for that.

It is pretty easy to drive a buggy if you know driving a car. You can get help from some professionals too for a quick ride around the tents. There are many reasons why you should always get a guided tour for your dune buggy. Here’s everything you should know about the buggy tour and living your leisure time in the deserts.

How to Get Started?

When getting started for the very first ride on your dune buggy with, you should know a few things. So, before you head out of your room, tents, or whatever you are staying in for the night before. You should have proper things on your body or in your bag. Following things as mentioned in the section below are what you need:

1) Clothing

You might not know all about the weather and the temperature around you. If you are in a hot place, you should consider your clothing before going out. Don’t wear anything lousy that can get stuck in the buggy. Rather than that, you should consider wearing something that is properly closed to prevent sand from entering inside.

Wear a long sleeve shirt and pants with closed-toe boots or shoes. Try to avoid any kind of mesh footwear as the sand will get through it, and it will be irritating. So make sure you have proper clothing before you head out of your house.

2) Drive on the Sand

When you are driving on sand, it will be a lot difficult than driving on the road. The controls and everything might be similar to what of a road vehicle, but handling a buggy can be hard. So, you have to keep up with the speed and braking system of a buggy. If you brake harder, then you can end up stuck in the sand. So, it is better to take help from a professional of the dune buggy rental Dubai services.

3) Experienced Guide

If you have an experienced guide by your side, you will surely have a safe and amazing adventure. Always listen to the professionals as you might be doing something wrong somewhere. They will guide, and this is what you pay for. Navigate through the instructions you receive and always make the most out of your experience in the desert.

4) Selecting the Route

Never go out on your own as you don’t know the proper route. Routes are fixed by the experienced riders and always follow those routes. You can follow the guide for this purpose, and if there is a warning zone, don’t enter near it. There might be loose sand, and you might get the sink in. So, it is better to stay off this type of area.

5) Have a Goal

Before you pack your bags for the ride, you should know your goal. Always have something in your mind that you want to do. This will help you unravel some great adventures. You can do proper research before you leave and book the services accordingly. If you want to book a buggy rental in Dubai, look out for adventures that you can do on your tour. Plan it out and execute it when there is a right time for it.

Advantages of a Guided Dune Buggy Tour

1) Convenience

A guided tour is always the easiest yet filled with thrilling adventures. It is considered as easy because you are covered from any major issue or safety hazard. You can just enjoy the ride and never forget to listen to the professionals.

2) Perfect for Beginners 

There are many sports adventures that are just not for beginners. Not everyone can do that, but the dune buggy thing is for everyone. It is fun, and it is really easy to hop into the buggy and go unravel the adventure of the desert. If you are looking for such adventures, we recommend you to try this one. You will surely love the whole experience.

3) Amazing Views

Bored of watching cityscapes and tall buildings? You can get to see some mesmerizing views of the desert by riding a buggy in the deserts of Dubai. It will surely be the best ride, and you will enjoy the views. Tall dunes rather than tall buildings and some superior wide skies and thrilling experiences will take your heart.

4) Safety

A guided tour will ensure your safety, and they will plan it all by keeping an eye on proper detail. This is the best part when you don’t have to worry about driving the car to the place and then planning the whole tour. Asking for directions and then planning the route is hectic. So, always choose a dune buggy rental in Dubai and start your tour to the desert. They will provide you with all kinds of kits, and emergency medical services are also available.

5) The Right Vehicle

If you are all alone in the desert and you are there for the first time, you won’t know about a proper vehicle for the type of sand. That’s where your guide can help you choose one out of many like quad bikes in dubai. You can get your hands on the best one for better and safe handling while taking a detour of the desert on the buggy.

6) Learn about their Local Culture

Guides are mostly from the local cities and villages. So, if you have good communication with your guide, you can learn a lot of things from them. Plus, it is always fun to learn about history and culture.


Always try to be humble and learn from professionals during a sports activity. Be active and if you are in or around places like Dubai, never miss out on such thrilling adventures.