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Dirt biking in Dubai

dp Post By: Endurobikes 23 Jul, 2019
Dirt biking in Dubai

Dubai is not only famous for its rich culture, but the deserts of Dubai are also very popular. The best way to explore the Dubai deserts is through dirt bike safari. Deserts of Dubai have a range of fun activities. There is lot you can do in Dubai and one of the famous thing is dirt biking. Dirt bikes are very lightweight motorcycles having rough tires and suspensions so that they can easily glide over the rough surface. They are used to ride over tough landscapes such as dirt, mud, sand and rocks.

There Are Four Types of Dirt Bikes

Motocross: these bikes are designed for riding on rough surfaces and in motocross competitions which enclosed by a closed path.

Endure: they have a similar design like motocross bikes but are used for long races which include both street racing and off-road racing.

Trail Riders: they are designed for long rides through tough landscapes. They are not used for high speed racing.

Dual Sport: they are designed for both riding over the street as well as on rough terrains.


The Reason Why Dubai Is Perfect for Dirt Biking

  • Dubai has vast desert area which provides a lot of space for riding a dirt bike. Wide space also decreases the chance of clashing.
  • It is very safe to ride dirt bike in the deserts of Dubai because the sand there is not so hard and even if you clash you won’t get hurt.
  • There are many Companies in Dubai who offer dirt biking. These companies have a team of professionals who are very experienced and make sure that the people get proper knowledge of riding dirt bikes and also make sure that while enjoying dirt bike ride the rider stays safe.
  • The deserts of Dubai provide proper landscape for the dirt bike to glide over it without letting the driver to lose its control.


Safety Measures You Should Take While Riding A Dirt Bike in The Deserts of Dubai.

  • Your safety should be paramount and thus wear all the protective gear is necessary.
  • Wear proper fitted clothes so that the clothes don’t cause any hindrance in the operation of the bike.
  • Drive safely and in a controlled manner. Keep the bike in your control to save yourself from crashing. Don’t become over excited and in that over excitement don’t drive in haste, be focused and calm.
  • If you are not confident enough to ride the bike alone then always take a professional with yourself.
  • Choose the bike which is perfect for your size so that it stays in your control.
  • Know the does and don’ts very thoroughly and remember them always this will help you to reach back safely from your dirt bike safari in the deserts of Dubai.

Dubai has very beautiful deserts and to explore the beauty of the deserts more deeply you can enjoy the dirt bike ride in Dubai and bash the dunes. You must try dirt bike ride in the deserts of Dubai because it is the best experience anyone can have in their lifetime.