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Does desert biking require assistance?

dp Post By: Endurobikes 24 Mar, 2019
Does desert biking require assistance?

Whether it is a quad or dirt bike, riding in a desert that too with the intention of dune bashing and moto-crossing gets a lot riskier for beginners. Even when you have experienced the sports a couple of time then also there is a lot more to learn and understand to become an expert at it. People who ride a bike on a regular to the daily basis on road sometimes assume that doing the same in a desert is nothing different. When in reality, it is a completely unusual experience when you have to balance and focus while also remaining stress-free. All of this demands immense knowledge, experienced expertise, and professional attitude.

This can be acquired by hiring a guide or coach for desert biking who is responsible for three things:

  1. To explore the hidden talent of the apprentice.
  2. To help them understand the basic idea of the sport.
  3. To counsel them in order to get rid of fear and anxiety.
  4. To teach basic rules and regulations.
  5. To let them experiment useful techniques.
  6. To make it clear that falling is a part of the game.
  7. To cheer for them.
  8. To listen to and address their concerns.

Importance of a guide for desert biking

When you decide to ride a quad or dirt bike in the desert then it gets essential to hire a guide and properly listen to each and every instruction as well. The reasons for it are listed as follows:

  • You’re not a specialist:

You are not used to riding a bike in the desert while bashing the dunes and crossing the whoops which makes you an amateur. Your guide is experienced and skillful who also knows how to teach people and make them understand small/big facts about desert biking.

  • You need advanced motocross riding techniques:

No matter how much technology progresses and how many times you have watched the desert biking tutorial on the internet, listening to a guide in person is a totally different experience. The techniques explained face to face are much easier to implement correctly.

  • Your safety lies in the guide’s secrets:

Safety is one of the most common concerns while going for desert biking. Your guide is very well aware of the latest and useful safety gears available so it is better to closely listen to everything and make use of every possible safety tool to avoid serious accidents.

  • You are unaware of the land’s accidental spots:

The deserted land has some hidden accidental spots that you are unaware of. So make sure to inquire about it or listen carefully to the guide who commands you to not go there.

A guide is a professional who knows weaknesses and strengths of the follower and teaches advanced and basic levels of desert biking. You are lucky if you have a guide with you so make sure to listen to him/her and make the most of their expertise.