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Things to Consider While Choosing a Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai

dp Post By: Endurobikes 23 Dec, 2019
Things to Consider While Choosing a Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations flocked by tourists from all over the world every year. People come here to experience the local culture and witness the wonders of the urban landscape of this crowning jewel of the Middle East. From the towering heights of the Burj Khalifa and local souks to the golden sand dunes, Dubai has lots to offer to the tourists and the one that every tourist looks forward to is the desert safari.

The most exciting part of exploring the desert is that you one can do that by getting a Dune Buggy rental in Dubai Riding the sand dunes on a buggy is the kind of experience that no one would want to miss. It is the thrill of a lifetime. However, often what happens is that the experience is ruined due to renting a faulty buggy or choosing a bad rental service that charges you an arm and leg. So here we are with some handy tips

Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai - Things to Consider

Given under is a list of factors that one should consider before renting a buggy for desert adventure. That way there's nothing ruining your fun.

Conduct of the Rental Service

The first sign is the conduct of the rental service, as that speaks a lot about the quality of the vehicles provided. A good rental provider should never shy away from answering to the queries of the tourists. The reception and the overall behavior should be good and cooperating. That makes it easy for both parties to conduct the usual business. The tourist gets a good buggy for desert exploration and the rental service gets their share from that.

Rental Fee

The next thing on the list is the rental fee. Since it is a tourist, it is not hard for any company with lesser than moral intentions to charge a hefty sum for the buggy. Hence to avoid that it is best to ask multiple companies for a quote and then go for the one that will suit an individual the best. There are many companies whose fare differs considering duration, make and model of the buggy. One should always take into consideration all that before paying for the rental.


The reputation of the rental company is also very important and there is a very simple way to know that. Nowadays most of the service providers have their own websites with customer reviews and feedback about their own experiences. That will help one verify the reputation of the rental company.

Buggy Condition

Lastly, the condition of the buggy is of prime importance. One should always make sure that the rental is in good shape and condition. Make inquiries about the maintenance of the vehicle. Do a thorough check-up as a faulty buggy is as good as no buggy.

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