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Things to ponder upon before renting a dirt bike

dp Post By: Endurobikes 24 Sep, 2019
Things to ponder upon before renting a dirt bike

Dirt bikes are specially designed to ride on rough grounds. Dirt bikes are light in weight and have two wheels. Dirt bike has a hydraulic and spring shock suspension system to bear the jumps and shocks while riding on the rough terrains. In the deserts of Dubai dirt biking is one of the famous sport and is done by a lot of people on everyday basis. There are many types of dirt bikes you can choose the one which suits your needs and size and enjoy the ride in the deserts of Dubai.

Riding on a dirt bike is one of the best experiences you can have in your life-time but if you are not careful can also take away your life.

Safety Measure You Should Take Before You Rent A Dirt Bike are:

  • Wear close-toed shoes (long bots above the ankle are preferred), Wear long pants and shirts, gloves, and goggles. Make sure your clothes are of proper fitting so that they don’t hinder with the maneuver of the bike.
  • Always carry a pair of goggles with you to cover your eyes because lot of dirt will blow during the ride.
  • Properly read the owner’s manual and if you don’t have the manual then check his website.
  • Take dirt bike safety courses to learn about the bike handling, steering, and its general maintenance.
  • Choose a bike which is of the right size for you so that it stays in your control.

Precautions for Riding A Dirt Bike

  • Don’t drive the bike without wearing the helmet. Your helmet should be of your head size not very loose or very tight because helmet protects the main part of the body i.e. the brain.
  • Wear knee and shoulder and chest pads so that in case of accident you don’t hurt the delicate areas of your body.
  • Don’t ride on roads as dirt bikes are not meant to be ridden on roads as they don’t have proper lighting and safety feature for riding on roads, highways or streets.
  • Before starting with the ride examine the bike properly. Make sure that the tires are properly bloated, breaks are tight and working and all the controls are properly working and are in order. If there is any problem, get it fixed before the ride.
  • Always make sure that you ride in control and elude riding in conditions and on landscapes such as standing water, steep hills, snow etc. which are out of your capability and can put your life at risk.
  • Never drive a dirt bike under the effect of drugs and alcohol and also don’t ride with people who have done it.
  • If you are younger than 16 years in age, then never ride a dirt bike without the supervision of an experienced person.

No doubt riding a dirt bike is fun and thrilling and is the best bike for the speed lovers, but every good thing brings some dangers with it so you have to be very careful while riding the dirt bike and follow the safety measures seriously otherwise your ride can turn into a miss-happening any time.