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What is motocross?

dp Post By: Endurobikes 24 Oct, 2019
What is motocross?

Motocross is a practice of off-road motorcycle racing which is held on bounded off-road routes. Motocross is a glorious motorsport including hurdles, hoots, dirt, motorcycle, and turns which adds a lot of thrill and excitement in the lives of the rides as well as the viewer. Motocross bikes are designed especially for the motocross competition. These bikes have very high performance, single tire engine, stiff suspensions, engines and transmissions which perfectly suit the motocross competition. These bikes are very speedy and light in weight and can be properly handled on dirt, mud, wood and sand. There are many bikes which are best for motocross such as 1986 Honda CR125, 1993 Honda CR250, 1994 Kawasaki KX250 and many more. These bikes are designed especially for rough landscapes. Riding a bike at the motocross can be very risky for the beginners. To ride these bikes, you need to take training so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Here Are Few Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Riding A Motocross Bike

  • Always focus on the technique of riding the bike. If you get the technique right then you can easily handle the bike and ride the bike fast without losing control over it and stay safe.
  • If you want good control of the foot levers then position the foot pegs on the middle of your feet.
  • If you are riding on the sand then always keep the weight of the body on the back of the bike so that the front wheel does not bog and you are not thrown over the bars. To keep the bike gliding over the sand you need to Stay hard on the gas.
  • Whenever you are turning a corner always use your foot like a landing gear, It help you balance the weight distribution and you will not fall off hurting yourself.
  • Always practice well before riding. Practice is what makes a person perfect in what he/she is doing. The more you practice the more you will save yourself from any miss happening during motocross. It is not easy to ride of- road you have to face many challenges though you get to experience the thrilling adventure and fun of riding a motocross bike.

Safety Tips for Riding A Motocross Bike

  • Keep a pocket friendly toolkit with yourself; it will be a life-savior in any kind of miss-happening.
  • Keep basic repairing knowledge and always stock-up the gas and check the tires when you make a pit spot.
  • Have control on the clutch and understand its functioning well.
  • To effortlessly control the bike While off-roading always curve the bike in a downward direction as much as you can keeping your body straight up.
  • Avoid front brakes during turns this will help you to turn smoothly.
  • Always stay focused while you are riding on the path where you want to go this will avoid accidents.
  • Things don’t take time to turn into miss-happening, so it is better to take precautions rather than cure. The fun it is to ride a motocross bike the dangerous it can become if you leave a single loop hole so practice well before riding in motocross.