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Why dune bashing is safe on a quad bike

dp Post By: Endurobikes 22 May, 2019
Why dune bashing is safe on a quad bike

There is no denying the fact that Dubai has developed into one of the most wanted, worthy, and amazing tourist destinations of the world. There are amusement and entertainment facilities for every age group in the city which is locals and foreigners love to spend time here. Not only this, but it is also one of the very few tourist spots that are accessible and affordable as well. The city is surrounded with the Arabian desert which adds to its exceptional appeal. The kind of fun and thrill that you get to witness on the natural sand while playing and bashing it is immensely enjoyable.

Does not matter if you have not ridden a bike ever before, the professional trainers help you on the spot to overcome the fear and have a mind-boggling experience. When you ride a 4 wheeler in a desert in Dubai then there is no chance of missing dune bashing as it is the ultimate goal on the location. However, most people initially fear for the sports to be dangerous and life-threatening as well. When in reality, if done under expert supervision and with proper safety gears, dune bashing on a quad bike is as safe as a bank.

Here are some proofs that also explain how dune bashing is absolutely secure and there is no need to get scared of it even if you are doing it for the first time.

  1. A quad bike is a safe vehicle to ride in a desert as it is basically supposed to protect the rider from all sides, maintain balance, and body posture as well.
  2. Dune bashing on a quad bike is supervised by professionals who provide you with every piece of the necessary information for safety and thrill.
  3. Safety gear like gloves, shoes, jacket, clothes, and glasses etc. are provided for protection against accidents.

How to make dune bashing on a quad bike worth it?

  • Be confident, not over-confident:

It is better to trust your instincts and not just follow what others are doing, it might result in an unfavorable situation.

  • Make sure to go through the safety manual of the vehicle:

Quad bike riding becomes easy to do when you know your vehicle and its functions that respond to every situation differently.

  • Do not try to imitate professionals in the field:

Try not to jump to professional dune bashing stunts on a quad bike. Go slowly, explore, learn, and then practice the special moves.

  • Book a package that suits your requirements:

Every package has different deals so make sure to book one that is according to your demands in terms of timing vehicle performance.

  • Start with smaller dunes:

Do not attempt for the bigger dunes especially if it’s your first time. Start with the smaller ones, learn to cross them without losing balance and then go for the bigger ones.

  • Let go of the fear and explore:

Dune bashing is possible only when you’re fearless and ready to explore nature and its thrilling beauty in the desert. So learn to get rid of terror and just go for it.