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Why it is most fun to ride a dune buggy

dp Post By: Endurobikes 24 Feb, 2019
Why it is most fun to ride a dune buggy

As compared to the bikes, dune buggy is a safe vehicle to ride in a desert without any experience. It is compact and looks car-like with no support from the sides. The front is also not covered usually but some dune buggies have a windshield to protect from dirt and air. However, it is not very useful especially in a desert because it gets difficult to clear off the dust from the window and drive at the same time. This is why dune buggies without windshield are best to opt for. The safety of a dune buggy is known to be maximum in comparison with the other desert vehicles. This is why there is no need to worry about additional safety gear to ride it except for glasses, helmet, shoes, and knee pad etc.

Moreover, a dune buggy is immense fun to ride in the desert because its chances to fall off are very low. This is also the reason why most people choose to ride a dune buggy if it is their first time.

Tips for riding a dune buggy

Although the ride is already safe to attempt at, here is presenting some useful tips that help in riding a dune bike with comfort, ease, and complete confidence.

  1. Drive in suitable weather:

Weather plays an important role in experiencing the real fun and thrill of riding a dune buggy. If the climate is not suitable like extremely windy, rainy, or stormy then it is better to avoid it in the first place. Otherwise, if the weather is sunny or mild windy then definitely go for it and make the most of the enjoyable venture.

  1. Choose a larger field area:

The larger the area the better it is for exploring your dune bashing talent and riding a 4 wheeler. So if you’re given a smaller area to ride a dune buggy then try to opt for another option otherwise the level of fun will be reduced and also no chance of exploration.

  1. Safety equipment is a must:

Whether you are an amateur or expert, safety gear is mandatory. You never know what coming ahead when the dune seems small when in reality it turns out to be a dangerous hike. So make sure to wear the safety gear and enjoy the ride like never before.

  1. Ask for guidance:

There is no shame in asking for help, assistance, or guidance whenever you feel there is a point missing which needs to be cleared for dune buggy riding. So don’t hesitate and ask for it in order to take complete advantage of the best entertaining venture of your life.

  1. Utilize your driving skills:

A dune buggy is no different than an actual car when it comes to driving functions. So if you think you can drive a car well and know its techniques then you can definitely utilize those skills and have a blast on the deserted land.