Polaris RZR 1000 Buggy Tours

Prepare for a spectacular desert roll over the red sand hills, deep into the heart of the Lahbab desert. Dune buggy rental Dubai offers you an exciting Polaris RZR 1000 buggy ride in the desert of Dubai, where you’ll get on a 4×4 ride and head to the desert leaving the area. You have a choice between a 4×4 vehicle or a tutor swap.

Rent a buggy in Dubai and Endurobikes.ae will take you to the highest dunes in the country. We’re taking the idea of the thirst for a getaway that a tourist is looking for and providing the unforgettable choices you can make by setting aside the daily routine. It’s time to put all the stress back to the office. Pump up with excitement, wear your gloves, tie your laces and ride with us.

The excitement of a ride to Buggy Dubai will leave you spellbound. Start the engine and ride the dirt as it was meant to be. You’re going to find a new person who’s going to stretch the boundaries to touch the field. Offering Buggy Hire Dubai, Endurobikes.ae will supply you with all the gear you’re hoping to get.


CAN-AM Maverick X3 Turbo Buggy Tours

With 195 horsepowers this is the ultimate desert vehicle. For sand, dirt, rocks, and trails, there is a Maverick X3 for any terrain and weather on the way, and with up to 24-in suspension travel on selected Turbo RR models.

The world is rough. We can cope with it. Our group of riders shows every day how far ahead the CAN-AM Maverick X3 Turbo is from record-setting wins and thousands of miles of off-road travel.

The world is rough. We can cope with it. Across record-setting wins and thousands of miles of off-road riding, our riding culture reveals every day how far ahead the Maverick X3 is.



Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

If you’re planning a short Buggy ride in Dubai, or if it’s just a hobby you’d like to take, our expert riders will support you along the way. Once you’ve been taught by dune buggy rental dubaiyour instructors, you can launch your riding session and tail it into the wilderness of the desert trails. Prepare for an exciting journey over the slopes and valleys of the giant sandy hills of the Arabian deserts.

After the experience session on the carriage, you can contact the base at the traditional Beduin camp, where other desert exercises anticipate you. Here you will find camel riding, fragrant shisha and henna hand painting. As the day comes to an end, Dune buggy ride will give you a heavenly smorgasbord with the highest expectations and the most intense consideration.

With a large display of vegan and non-veggie lover dishes to gaze over, your smorgasbord is going to be great for the night. Post the fun, you can take pictures of yourself and your friends and family wearing traditional Arabic dresses. After the Dune buggy trip, you can return to your home with a refreshing mood catching a lot of natural beauty with the adventurous buggy rides of moments.

Desert Buggy Dubai Security Tips

The Endurobikes.ae team wants you to enjoy when you rent a dune buggy in Dubai. Our long-term safety advisors have invented and continually revised our Dune Buggy Tour Dubai safety guidelines.

There are a few places in the UAE where you can rent a dune-buggy and explore the desert yourself and at your own risk. We also get stories from clients friends who rented off-road dune buggies for the first time off-road but didn’t know how to drive them in a safe way.

dune buggy rental dubaiA ton has crashed because the basics have not yet been told. Some were critically injured due to a lack of protective equipment. It might seem like there’s a lot to learn when you start a dune buggy first, but don’t worry, Dune buggy tours at Endurobikes.ae include a helpful teacher who will give you plenty of tips along the way. Here are some simple information for off-road beginners.

The weather

The weather could be essential to the protection of the buggy. We’re going on a tour even in the rain, and yes, you’re going to get wet. Rain is such an unusual occurrence in Dubai that you have to see it. T

he sand will become solid and heavier, and the buggy will be able to pass its maximum strength to the ground, while a lot of power will be absorbed on soft sand only by spinning wheels. In muddy areas, the dune buggy can get stuck or slip and slide, but this is not normal in the areas in which we travel. Soft desert sand just soaks up the water like a sponge.

A Dune Buggy Dubai is a durable vehicle, but driving through the dunes and plowing through soft sand means that the vehicle could slip and tip, causing injuries to you and your passengers. On your tour, you’ll learn how to escape a dangerous situation and always stay safe on your Dubai buggy tour.


Proper Buggy Safety Equipment

Buggy Safety Tips-Dubai Rental With Endurobikes.ae you’re driving hard, but you’re also healthy. Let’s find out the basics about buggy riding.

This is the foundation for a secure buggy ride. Endurobikes.ae provides you with the latest on-board safety equipment such as 5-point racing seatbelts, door panels to prevent your arms and legs from getting out of the ATV, a powerful front bumper dune buggy tour dubaito avoid the expense of a broken ATV front in case of collision, a large roller cage and wheel spacers for a more comfortable ride in the corners.

Driver safety equipment: when in our safety briefing, we will have a wide variety of equipment that will make your buggy experience much better.

The most important thing same like on a dirt bike rental dubai is a racing helmet with proper goggles that doesn’t let any sand come to your eyes because it’s sealing right on your face. Long sleeve racing shirt and gloves protect your skin from injuries caused by small stones or bushes that you drive through at high speed.

If you want to play around in the sand, but don’t want your own pants to be ruined, we will provide you with strong racing pants. You can also pick from a wide variety of body defense equipment for your knees, elbows or chest.


Security instructions for the buggy

Now that you’re dressed and seated in a secure dune buggy, it’s time to look at the driver and his passenger in the buggy. Hold your legs and arms inside the buggy. Lbuggy tour dubaieaning the elbow on the door may look good, but in the case of an accident, the arm would be seriously injured.

Keep your hands on your steering wheel and concentrate on your journey. There is a special handle bar for the passenger that can stay tight throughout the journey. Once you’re in the ATV, the best advice we can give you is to open your eyes and use them to detect other cars or hazards around you.

Safety guidelines for the Dubai Dune Buggy Tour

We know it’s fun to drive a Dune Buggy fast, but you still need to be careful while you’re at the steering wheel to make sure you’re in control of the ATV. Making tight turns or 360s might look great, but don’t try it at any time of the trip. The buggy can roll over most of the time because the sand in Dubai is very soft and the outer wheels are very fast.

Take your foot off the gas before you turn, and then get out of the corner. You’re in charge of a really strong buggy, so keep abreast of your surroundings and look out for possible hazards while you’re on top of a dune.

Driver’s Requirements:

The best safety advice will not benefit you if you’re not in the right mood or condition. It is also very critical that you do not suffer from any heart attack or low/high blood pressure. Dubai buggy rental is an exciting experience that requires a 100% safe and centered driver. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or medicine are strictly prohibited.