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Desert Motocross is not restricted to a particular set of individuals, anyone who is interested can have the exciting adventure with Motocross Rental Dubai. Some individuals may think it is only grown-ups that should be allowed to have desert motocross, particularly because they think it is not safe for kids. It is true that riding in the desert is seemingly dangerous and it looks like one of the many things that should be tagged ‘for Adults only’ but why should we stop the children from having fun all because they are young? We understand that adults are always careful when it comes to what their children or younger ones are exposed to, which is quite expected. However, we want you to know that your children or younger ones are also safe with Motocross Rental Dubai. Our team is equipped with trained and skilful motocross riders, these individuals have the responsibility of teaching our customers (young or old) how to ride safely. <

Desert Motocross Level

We have the beginners’ level and the advanced one, either of these would be taught you by our professional trainers on the basis of what is required of you to have an itch-free touring experience. Desert riding goes beyond you just knowing how to handle a motorcycle, there are a couple of skills that you must possess to avoid accidents in the sandy desert of Dubai. They are not skills that can be well taught by just spoken words, practical demonstrations also have to be shown to you. In fact our team members would rather go with you on your tour than allow you go by yourself into the desert without certifying that you have mastered all the necessary skills.

Looking for a professional trainer for your desert motocross competition?

Various people engage in desert riding because of different reasons, some are into it just for the fun, some for relaxation, some individuals because they have heard a lot about it and would like to satisfy their curiosity, some people just naturally love adventure while some individuals take it as a sporting event and hereby compete with others. The level of preparedness of a person riding for fun and that of the person riding to compete with others would be different, in that former is more relaxed that the other and is not under the tension of winning the game. Motocross rental Dubai is capable of giving you the best training you need to compete well in desert riding competitions and win gallantly.

As a rider, it is highly essential that you know what position to be in while riding, you must never get too comfortable on your sit or while standing, there is a time to sit and a time to stand if balance would be achieved, and without balance, accident is bound to happen. There are jumping techniques, acceleration position, foot position, best brake application position, the list goes on. All of these (and more) are what you must master before desert motocross. We hope you are not beginning to lose interest in desert raising. Yes, all of these things seam really delicate and there is the fear of accident in case anything goes wrong. The fact is that Motocross rental Dubai is at your service to make sure nothing goes wrong by getting you well-equipped and well-trained beforehand.

Motocross rental Dubai rents out riding equipment that are not only professional but in good condition as well, we do not want our clients getting injured in the bid of catching fun in Dubai’s desert.Also, we are not gender biased so anyone (irrespective of gender) can benefit from our services optimally.