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Dubai ranks as the 6th on the list of frequently visited cities around the world because it is a renowned business hub and a tourism place known all over the world. Dubai is a city that has authority and wealth written all over it, there you would find the biggest island made by man, skyscrapers and the biggest indoor park there is. With all these said, there is still something amazing that no one would forget once experienced in Dubai, that is the Dubai desert tour.

Dirt bike tour Dubai is an amazing opportunity to travel and enjoy the deserts of Dubai with no restrictions, it does not really matter if you are a beginner in dirt bike tour or an enthusiast, we have enough facilities to assist you irrespective of the category you belong.

What your experience will be with Desert bike adventure tour

Perhaps you are a desert lover, this makes it a whole lot of fun! Get ready for an experience that that would keep you in amazement. Dubai dirt bike tour is made to fit for different levels, ranging from a novice (in desert tour) to an expert desert explorer. Our team of well knowledgeable instructors are available to guide you on your ‘mind-blowing’ desert experience. There is nothing like gas running out, bike breakdown or you getting lost with dirt bike tour Dubai because we have ensured that our services would bring you no stress at all by making sure that our bike is powerful enough to travel the sand without developing faults on the way, and our bikes are well-maintained to guide against any unforeseen development in the course of your tour. Remember, even if anything a little out of the normal were to happen, you would not be alone, experienced individuals will be with you to guide you and ensure your optimum safety, your charges fee (though affordable covers that conveniently.

New to dirt bike tour? Here are few tips to help you

  • Have prior experience with manual motorcycle – It has been discovered that a person who does not know how to ride a manual motorcycle will not be able to ride a desert bike so, it is important that you are experienced in riding a manual motorcycle before trying to ride a desert bike.

  • Select a bike only after trying different ones – Desert bike adventure tour has also identified that people have different tastes as regard their choice of desert bike. For this reason, it is good for you to test varieties of bikes before making your decision on which to go for, that way it would be your choice and not that something was forced on you. This way also, you would be able to choose the bike you are most comfortable with so that you can have an uninterrupted adventure.

  • Do not sit all through – If you ask anyone who has had Dubai dirt bike tour a couple of times about the necessary tips, he or she would tell you that ‘balance’ is highly important. When you stand while riding off-road, it allows you more flexibility and that way, you can be in control. However, this does not also mean you have to remain standing. You can sit, but you should also never forget to stand when you are about to ride over dunes or any form of obstacle. There is a perfect sitting position you should maintain while riding the dirt bike in order to avoid accidents or getting injured.

Desert bike adventure tour offers you an amazing experience, Dubai deserts are beautiful and full of excitements for you to explore, contact us today.