Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Are you going to go on a Dubai vacation? Are you interested in staying in Dubai? Your journey is never complete without a ride in a buggy, whether you are planning to spend a few weeks or just staying in Dubai for a few days. Make the most of your Dubai stay by exploring the exciting Dubai desert journey in a buggy. Dubai buggy rental service is available to meet your needs if you want to explore the Dubai desert with sand dunes spreading along your road and bumping on rough terrain.

dune bashing dubai

There are several options available with loads of quality buggies available, such as the Polaris XP 1000; you can decide to ride alone or in your friend’s company to experience the incredible feeling of riding in a buggy.

The automatic influenced suspension and transmission are fitted with buggies that make it easy to drive. In a buggy, your safety is also assured, as it is fitted with security features such as a soft bucket seat and a full roll cage. A helmet, protective clothing, and an experienced instructor will also be given to guide you through the basics of desert riding. You are assured of an exciting trip in a safe condition with buggy rentals in Dubai.

Buggy tour in Dubai

Whether you’ve never been in a buggy across the Dubai Desert, or have an off-road experience, there’s always a kit for you;

Starter tour for beginners-A 1-hour tour in a buggy to show you the fundamentals of desert driving

A 3 hour tour for experienced riders where you are taught how to develop your skills. Deep desert high dune tour.

Buggy rental Dubai safety tips

The state of the weather should be considered before renting a buggy and driving it alone in the desert. This is an significant aspect that must be considered for protection. The sand becomes strong and hard when it rains, enabling the buggy to move its maximum power to the ground while speeding on soft sand will make the buggy slip and crash.

Here are some basics of buggy riding in Dubai to ensure your safety and prevent accidents.

Buggy Safety equipment

The primary safety indicator of a buggy trip is this. For a steadier ride in corners and door panels, the buggy will be fitted with the latest safety equipment such as 5-point racing seat belts, a wide roll cage and wheel spacers to prevent the arms and leg from reaching out of the buggy.

Driver safety equipment

A wide range of protective clothing, such as a racing helmet, goggles to prevent sand from entering your eyes, and long sleeve racing shirt and gloves will be provided to protect your skin from injuries. Protective instruments for your knees , elbows, and chest will also be given for you. Once you feel safe try a motorbike rental dubai.