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Dubai is an amazing city located in the middle of the borders of America and Europe. Over the years, a lot of people have visited this amazing city because of the power and beauty it exudes, and none of them have ever been disappointed instead, they experience a lot more amazement than they expected. Dubai is beautiful with all the skyscrapers, well designed and sophisticated buildings, modern parks, and so on, but beyond all that, Dubai desert is a whole lot more wonder to explore. Dubai visitors experience different varieties in the land, ranging from excursions such as desert dune adventures, and other fun activities like water sports. Dubai is a place for everyone to catch immeasurable fun irrespective of what your definition of fun is, there is just something for you.

Dubai Dune Buggy Tour for Beginners

Let us first enlighten you on what a dune buggy is. A dune buggy is a specially designed and customized vehicle for riding in the desert, it is designed with seats to make you feel comfortable throughout your tour. Exploring the desert is a thrill-filled adventure, and dune buggy has been designed to allow you have the best of it.

Dune Buggy Tour Dubai offers you the best desert tour in Dubai, we will give you all of the necessary trainings for you to have the safest adventure.

Some of these trainings include;

  • - How you position yourself on the dune buggy; although the buggy has comfortable seats for you to sit right in, you are not expected to remain in the seats all through your desert travel, this is for your own safety. The desert of course like every other desert in the universe is sandy, has a lot of bends and dunes, and as a result there are positions you must take while riding the dune buggy for you to stay in control. Standing while riding in the desert is very much advisable than sitting because it gives you more room to be in control while riding. This does not however mean that a rider should always remain standing while riding, you can as well sit but knowing the right time to sit or stand while riding is very crucial to your safety.

More about Us

Buggy tour Dubai serves you a lot better when you choose the dune buddy that best suits you. We allow you to make your decision of which buggy to use from our fleet of awesome buggies, but we do not allow you to make this decision unguided. This is because some individuals may just want to make their selection based on their aesthetic judgement of the buggies. As much as some buggies may look better than the other to the ordinary eyes, you can be sure that all of our facilities are the best quality there is, however, our team of professional buggy riders offer authentic advice to our clients on what buggy to go for based on what side of the desert they wish to explore and what time they are choosing to go for their tour. There are morning dune buggy tours, evening buggy tours and all-day dune buggy tours. Of course you would also be allowed to test a couple of buggies before choosing the one to use for your adventure. All of these are just to bring you an optimum satisfaction.

Dubai dune buggy tour is not gender or age selective

We allow people of varying ages or genders to use our services. Maybe you are wondering if our services are for children as well, absolutely! Children are not exempted from the fun that we offer, and just in case you are worried about their safety, their safety is 100 percent assured. We have a team of well experienced instructors on dune buggy tours who can cater to both adults and children before, during and after dune buggy tours.

Dune buggy tours is heartily committed to serving you and bringing you the best form of relaxation and the coolest way to enjoy your vacation in the beautiful Dubai desert. Make a decision to go on a dune buggy tour today, and reach out to us so that we can be a part of your fun by offering you our top-notch services.